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Scientists Have Discovered A New Method Of Detecting Cancer

Scientists Have Discovered A New Method Of Detecting Cancer.
A budding evaluate marketed as an surrogate to a mammogram for soul cancer detection is not an real screening TOOL, US health officials say. With the nipple aspirate test, a knocker cross-examine collects fluid from a woman's nipple. The unsettled is then examined for weirdo and potentially cancerous cells mens health. The proof is advertised as easier, more comfortable and less painful than mammograms.

However, there is no able to withstand to support claims that the test can scent breast cancer, said Dr David Lerner, a medical dignitary at the US Food and Drug Administration and a chest imaging specialist garcinia cambogia. "FDA's trouble is that the nipple aspirate check is being touted as a standalone tool to screen for and interpret breast cancer as an alternative to mammography," Lerner said in an means news release.

So "Our bugbear is that women will forgo a mammogram and have this assay instead". Skipping a mammogram could put a woman's well-being and life at risk if breast cancer goes undetected, Lerner warned. He said there is no methodical certification that the nipple aspirate test, when second-hand on its own, is an effective screening tool for mamma cancer or any other medical condition.

The test is still being deliberate to determine if it might be useful in combination with other methods to protect for disease. "The bottom line is that women should not rely solely on these nipple aspirate tests for the screening or diagnosis of tit cancer. Mammography is still the gold standard".

In October, 2013, Atossa Genetics pulled its nipple aspirate trial - called the ForeCYTE Breast Health Test - off the hawk after being warned by the FDA that its claims about the prove were unsubstantiated. The players claimed the investigation was "literally a Pap smudge for heart cancer". Pap smears are a established probe for cervical cancer.

And Women who have had a nipple aspirate exam as a form of breast cancer screening should also have a mammogram, according to screening guidelines or as recommended by their doctor. Also, they should parley to their tamper with about whether additional tests are needed, the FDA said. One in eight US women will blossom teat cancer in her lifetime xanax semc. The condition is the second cardinal cancer killer of women in the country.

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