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Treatment Of Diabetes Is Different For Men And Women

Treatment Of Diabetes Is Different For Men And Women.
Widely in use diabetes drugs have distinct gear on men's and women's hearts, a unusual lessons suggests. Researchers examined how three commonly prescribed treatments for specimen 2 diabetes gripped 78 patients who were divided into three groups. One assemble took metformin alone, the right hand group took metformin added to rosiglitazone (sold under the characterize name Avandia) and the third group took metformin added Lovaza, a type of fish oil garciniacambogia. Metformin reduces blood sugar play by the liver and improves insulin sensitivity.

Rosiglitazone also improves insulin soreness and moves sprung fatty acids out of the blood. Lovaza lowers blood levels of another exemplar of tubby called triglycerides. The researchers found that the drugs had very exceptional and from time to time opposite effects on the hearts of men and women, even as the drugs controlled blood sugar equally well in both genders provera y omifin. The scrutiny appears in the December distribution of the American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Although metformin had reliable nature stuff in women, it caused the enthusiasm metabolism of men to burn less sugar and more fats. Chronic parching of fat by the sensibility results in harmful changes that can lead to quintessence failure, said the researchers, from the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. "Instead of making kindliness metabolism more regular in men, metformin peerless made it worse, looking even more get off on a diabetic heart," study major author Dr Robert Gropler said in a university story release.

And "But in women, metformin had the desired consequence - lowering adipose metabolism and increasing glucose perspicaciousness by the heart". Taking either rosiglitazone or Lovaza with metformin seemed to diminish some of the negative heart clobber of metformin alone in men. Taking rosiglitazone in adding up to metformin further improved women's nitty-gritty metabolism, compared to taking metformin alone.

The reckoning of Lovaza to metformin did not have a strong effect either scheme for men or women, the researchers said. "Our read suggests that we need to better define which therapies are optimal for women with diabetes and which ones are optimal for men," said Gropler, a professor of radiology. The inspect did not, however, show a cause-and-effect element between the dose combinations and affection changes provillusshop com. It showed only an association.

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